Nature First is built on seven core principles that help communicate how each of us can enjoy nature photography responsibly. The Seven Principles of Nature First Photography were developed to help educate and guide both professional and recreational photographers in sustainable, minimal impact practices that will help preserve nature’s beautiful locations. #naturefirst


Nature photographers are increasingly becoming a liability for the beautiful environments they cherish and photograph.

“As nature photography continues to increase in popularity and damage to special wild places accumulates, we all have an increasing responsibility to be good stewards of the places we visit, photograph, and share with the public. This effort can help reverse these negative impacts through education and sharing tangible steps to reduce our collective impact.”

— Sarah Marino

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  1. Prioritize the well-being of nature over photography.

  2. Educate yourself about the places you photograph.

  3. Reflect on the possible impact of your actions.

  4. Use discretion if sharing locations.

  5. Know and follow rules and regulations.

  6. Always follow Leave No Trace principles and strive to leave places better than you found them.

  7. Actively promote and educate others about these principles    

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